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Commercial Real Estate

ComReal Group is a real estate company, based in India. Our range of commercial properties includes office buildings, high-rise business offices, hotels and resorts, casinos, restaurants and retail centers.


An information-rich web site about commercial real estate. Our main features are the on line property search tools and articles, due diligence guides for investors and a list of renovation tips for small operators.


Commercial Offices

We turn traditional thinking on it's head. CorCom is designed to provide affordable commercial office space for small business owners that are faced with high, expensive office rents. Our offices are located in downtown areas of cities throughout the country. CorCom cuts out the middle man, the high rent areas of town, and provides an affordable space for small businesses to use as their corporate offices or private business locations.


Luxury Hotels

Once you've experienced the warm, friendly service of a ComReal property, you'll never stay anywhere else. Our goal is to provide comfort above all else, so when you travel to Italy to experience the best of Mediterranean hospitality, every detail matters.


About Us

We are a professional real estate company that is trying to make the process of finding an apartment much simpler, giving you peace of mind when searching for apartments for rent. Through the use of our website you will receive detailed descriptions, photos, maps, and videos of various properties around New York City. The information about apartments for rent in NYC posted on our website are updated daily. The data about services found on our website are verified by us in person in order to ensure the maximum quality. This is why we have attracted so many people who are trying to find their new homes.